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Want to Sell to HR Leaders and Decision Makers At Events?

Having produced events and conferences since 2003, we’ve come to understand how to sell to leaders and influencers at Events

  1. Stop Chasing After Leaders and Influencers, Instead Make Them Come to You

When sales people chase after leads, they tend to “Hardsell” …aggressively, ultimately making decision makers feel like they are under attack. So, instead of chasing after them, let them come to you! You see, people hate being sold to, but if they are the ones who seek you out, then that is a whole different story.

And to make them come to you, you simply have to advertise properly. And one of the better ways to advertise and get immediate face time with these leaders is to sponsor specifically themed events that attract the decision makers and influencers who need your solutions, and when you get face time with these highly targeted people, there is no need to resort to sleazy sales tactics.

  1. Stop Selling Your Solution, Start Selling the Problem First

When people go shopping for solutions, they ultimately buy from people / companies that they like and can relate to. To do that, they want to know if you know their problem first, and, if your problem is the same as theirs, then they instantly relate to you.

If they can relate to you, they’d be willing to try you out. And if your solution helps them out, then they will begin to like you. So, before you even begin selling your stuff, start describing in great detail the exact problem that you are trying to solve. The more exact your description of the problem is, the more you will attract these potential buyers to you.

Now the next question is can they trust you?

  1. Position yourself as an Expert, not as a salesman

Trust can be fast tracked when they think of you as an expert whose intention is not to sell but to provide expert advice. Giving expert advice can be fast tracked again by becoming a keynote speaker in a major event.

So, when sponsoring an Event, aim for a speaking slot, and aim to give valuable advice.

If you become a speaker, resist the temptation to be a “hard seller”. The big tendency is for you to sell, sell, sell on or off stage. The moment you start doing that, you start losing the interest of the buyers, especially in front of HR leaders / decision makers / influencers.

They want to see if you know what you are talking about. So, the last thing you should do as a speaker is to appear like a salesman. Instead be a teacher and position yourself as an EXPERT. Which means sincerely teaching things that have really worked for you — DO NOT MAKE THINGS UP! Give practical and relevant information which gives them value for their time. That is how you can get people to listen to you, open up to you and ultimately buy from you.


Incidentally, if you become either our Gold or Platinum or Co-Presentor for the HR Leadership Conference, a very specific event attracting very interested buyers of Outsourced HR Employee programs and services, we will help craft your EXPERT (Not made up) advice when you approach leaders and decision makers. We will also be holding an extremely exclusive training workshop for you to transform from “Hardselling to really teaching and delivering awe inspiring value.

Remember, the HR Leadership Conference and Outsource Fair is a specifically themed event that attracts HR professionals, business managers, business owners, finance officers, trainers, consultants and decision makers who are interested in getting more information and buying HR Outsource programs to help enhance their employee processes. We are expecting about 200 to 300 highly interested potential buyers

It is a prime venue for you to showcase your products and services to a highly targeted market. Join us now and increase your conversion rate when selling in events!

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